Great Utah Shakeout Net 2024 Instructions –  Thursday, April 18th, 2024 beginning at 0950hrs.


Here are instructions for the Salt Lake County-wide Amateur Radio exercise to observe the Great Utah Shakeout on April 18th.

Note! During the morning session, we’ll be moving quickly from frequency-to-frequency.

Draper Net Control will call out frequency and Standard Load channel, so it will be extremely helpful to have the latest version of the Salt Lake County ARES Standard Load, dated January 2024.

The exercise will start at approximately 1000 MDT, to coincide with “tabletop” drills at many city halls. The goal for the morning session is better ham visibility among our respective cities’ emergency management leaders.

 Because a weekday morning drill limits participation, there will be an additional countywide evening session from 1800 to 2200 MDT, with net control in Draper.


Morning Session

 (a) Check into your own city’s morning net. (Times and frequencies listed below.)

(b) Thursday, April 18th at 1030, all participants will check in with Draper City on 447.100 (-).

(c) At Draper City Net Control’s direction, we’ll rapidly change frequencies as a group to check in with each local net in turn.

The purpose of the exercise is to boost check-in counts for each city, and to test the range and interoperability of EOC stations. This will also be a test of each participant’s familiarity and skill with the Salt Lake County ARES Standard Load (SL).


Group                        MDT                    Frequency                      (SL) Notes

Cottonwd Hts           1000                     145.550                           (45)

Draper City                0950                     447.100 (-)                      (47) CTCSS 100.0

Murray City               1015                      147.600                          (56) Also (57) 223.96 (-) 103.5

Sandy City                 1015                      438.925                          (62)

SL Crossroads          1000                      147.160 (+)                     (73) CTCSS 127.3

SLCO ARES                1000                      147.540                           (77) Use 5 watts or less

So. Salt Lake              0950                      447.700 (-)                      (65) CTCSS 100.0

Taylorsville                1000                      146.420                           (69) Use 5 watts or less

All Others                 1000                      447.100 (-)                      (47) CTCSS 100.0


Evening Session

(a) Check into your own city’s evening net. (Times and frequencies listed below.)

Note – Some groups have scheduled special nets for this exercise.

(b) Some time between 1800 and 2200 MDT Thursday, check in with Draper Net Control on 447.100 (-) when net control calls for “open check-ins.” Be prepared to tell us your callsign and affiliation (club, net or “ARES.”)

Group                         MDT                  Frequency                         (SL) Notes

Cottonwd Hts            1900                   145.550                               (45)

Draper City                 2030                   447.100 (-)                          (47) CTCSS 100.0

Herriman City            2040                   447.100 (-)                          (47) CTCSS 100.0

Murray City               1800                    147.600 (56)

Sandy City                  2100                    447.625 (-)                         (na) CTCSS 100.0

SL Crossroads           2100                    448.525 (-)                         (148) CTCSS 100.0

SLCO ARES                1900                     147.540                             (77) Use 5 watts or less

So. Salt Lake              2100                     447.700 (-)                        (65) CTCSS 100.0

Taylorsville                1900                     146.420                             (69) Use 5 watts or less

West Valley City        2000                     448.800 (-)                         (72) CTCSS 100.0

All Others: Listen for Draper City to call for “open check-ins” on 447.100.

National VHF Simplex Calling Frequency, 146.520. This will be monitored from 0900 until 2100 hrs on Thursday April 18th.

The Salt Lake 10-Meter Net is holding a special Shakeout session Wednesday evening at 1900 on 28.345 MHz USB. (Our normal time and frequency.) We’re asking participants that night to check in mobile or portable from a likely shelter location if possible. Results will be reported to the big net on Thursday.

Dozens of small, tiered, neighborhood ERC nets are also being invited to check in on Thursday night. We’re expecting between 200 and 300 check-ins during the evening, so be patient!

 By the end of the day Friday, each group will receive a summary of all check-ins received by the countywide net in Draper, including subtotals for each group.

It is our hope that this exercise will help you make a case for Amateur Radio as a valuable part of the emergency response plan in your community.


Please remember to turn on your radios at least once weekly and check into our over the air nets and also think about visiting us at one of our in person meetings. We would like nothing more then to have more Salt Lake County operators become involved within the area of emergency communications. 

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