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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a corps of trained amateur radio operator volunteers organized to assist in public service and emergency communications. It is organized and sponsored by the American Radio Relay League or ARRL.

Communication failures have been a defining part of natural disasters and even some human-generated events. Amateur radio provides a means of communication “when all else fails”.

We proudly serve the Salt Lake County area.


Interested in emergency communications, amateur radio, and serving the community you reside as an amateur radio operator. If the answer is yes, Join ARES. Click on the link below to complete our membership registration form and best of all, it’s free.


Find all the training information you need to become and active and deployable ARES member. And for those that are currently active, find all the information you need to get to the next level of ARES operational deployment status.  

Document Library

Within our library you will find all sorts of documents related to ARES, RACES, and emergency communications. You will also find our standard frequency load and other useful information pertaining to amateur radio in Salt Lake County.

Over-The-Air Nets

The Utah Section of the ARRL ARES group, serving Salt Lake County holds Over-The-Air (OTR) nets every Wednesday evening at 2030 hours, or 8:30PM, except for the 4th and 5th week of the month. Our nets are held on our primary frequency of 146.700, -0.6MHz Offset with a PL Tone of 100.0. This repeater is located on Ensign Peak which is in the northern area of Salt Lake County.

On the 5th Wednesday of the month we hold the net on our simplex frequency of 147.540

In-Person Meetings

The Utah Section of the ARRL ARES group, serving Salt Lake County holds In-Person meetings every 4th Wednesday of the month at 1830 hours, or 6:30PM. The meetings are held at the Murray City Library which is located at 166 E 5300 S in Murray. Venture to 5300 S and State St, head East, the library is a couple hundred feet on the south side of the road, just across from the Carl’s Jr.  


Click below to download the current load sheet

SLCo ARES 2024 Approved Standard Frequency Load

This frequency load was developed by the ARES leadership group of Salt Lake County for use within the Salt Lake County area.

We recommend all operators and clubs within Salt Lake County follow this standard load so that in times of an emergency we can all communicate.

Should you have any questions in regard to the standard load, please reach out to our training team by clicking here.

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Please remember to turn on your radios at least once weekly and check into our over the air nets and also think about visiting us at one of our in person meetings. We would like nothing more then to have more Salt Lake County operators become involved within the area of emergency communications. 

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EC: Paul Plack (AE4KR)


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